Light & Shadow

Projecte d'interiorisme per un palau àrab a Abu Dahbi
Agost 2009
Arquitectes:Sergi Cànovas (Barcelona), Martín Diego Alvarez (Buenos Aires), Andrés Benalcázar (Colombia) i Alvaro Mendoza (Colombia)
En col.laboració amb LANDCOM s.l.

Software: Autocad 2009 + 3D Studio Max 2009 + V Ray + Photoshop CS4 + Ilustrator

Light & shadow
Peace for the senses
“the hands want to see and the eyes want to caress”
W. Goethe

Our goal in this project is to achieve a peace-full and harmonic space, which can not only be seen, but felt and lived. Water, that can be heard and smelled; Textures that the the eye can touch; A carefully studied rhythm of light and shadow chains the way through from one space to another; Simplicity; wood and marble, Jealousies;...all these are elements which traditional architecture that shape a space, where peace is achieved through the recreation and relaxation of all five senses.

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